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Choosing to be SILLY

My kids are SUPER into hide and seek right now. They play it with Kyle for about 45 minutes every night after dinner. Hearing their giggles and excited screams fills my heart with pure JOY! These are the silly moments I’m going to remember of their childhood.

However, I’m in an internal war. I’m so angry at my body for not allowing me to participate in these shenanigans. I can’t get into a spot quickly enough and all my “hiding spots” are given away by my walker sitting right by where I’m “hiding.” ... just another little (annoyingly heartbreaking) that FA has taken from me.

My sweet family has done a wonderful job of incorporating me (I’m the official “Clue Giver!”) but I wish I could participate like a normal, healthy parent.

Here’s a picture of my silly family that always inspires me to find joy whenever and wherever I can Please pray that the joy overpowers my sadness. Oh, and that we #CureFA #BabeWithAMobilityAid

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