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A Cup Of Energy

God is so so good. This story is 100% true.

I have been feeling pretty blue about my Friedreichs Ataxia lately. I don’t know if it’s stubborn jet lag or just good ol symptom progression but my fatigue has been off the charts. I was texting my close friends/prayer warriors yesterday to rally some much needed support.

This morning, Brooks went into our restroom to get me a glass of water so I can take my clinical trial drugs. He was walking back so carefully with it. When he handed it to me, he said, “Mommy, I filled it all the way to the top, wanna know why? Because I love you and Jesus told me that you needed more energy, so if you drink this, you will feel better.”

Thank you GOD for my beautiful, compassionate, observant, kind, wise-beyond-his-years son.

You better believe I chugged that entire cup!


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