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Curious Friends

As my 4.5 year-old son, Brooks, gets older, so do his friends. They are more observant and more curious about their world. It’s only natural that they would be curious about my walker.

Brooks was in summer school with his friend Camden the other week. We have been good friends with their family for a while, so she knew me in my “pre-walker” days. When Brooks was telling me about his friends at school, he mentioned that he and Camden had a “conversation.” I asked him what they talked about and he said, “when you broke your ankle and stuff.” Camden is a smart girl so I knew she was trying to figure out the walker, as she saw me using it when I was doing drop-off/pick-up duty.

I talked to Kirah (her mom) about it and let her know that Camden might have some questions for her. I am so thankful for good, kind, gracious, honest, Godly friends that are shaping the kiddos that my kids will be around.

I told her that I am just always honest when kids ask about my walker. My go to’s are:

“My legs just don’t work very well so this walker helps me walk safely.”

“That’s just the way God made me.”

“My legs don’t work well, but I’m just fine!”

I know that Brooks won’t always be satisfied with this answer. I have spent many sleepless nights thinking about this and preparing for the conversation for the day when he asks the typical toddler question, “why?”

I’ll say “God gave us blonde hair and blue eyes. He made you really good at baseball, He made Collins to love kitties, He made daddy’s face fuzzy. He made ants that bite and dogs that cuddle. He made huge whales and tiny mice. He makes storms and sunshine. He makes good and bad things. And He just made mommy so that her legs don’t work very well. But mommy is healthy and happy! And He gave mommy so many good things like you, Collins and Daddy!”

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