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*Sorry in advance to family that didn’t know about my tattoo... 😬*

Dashboard Confessional is my favorite band. Their music has meant so much to me since 2002. When I heard “Heart Beat Here” for the first time, I was brought to tears.

I thought about all the love that my arms have felt. All the hearts that have beat there. My dad held my arm as he walked me down the isle at my wedding. These arms cradled my pregnant belly. My friends and family hold these arms to help me walk when my FA is too much. My children took their first breath while cradled in these arms. I’ve hugged my family countless times with these arms. I have spent so.many.hours holding my children with these arms. The billions of hugs between Kyle and I in our 15 years 💗

I felt like this song was meant for me. I wanted to commemorate this spot on my arm to pay homage to all of the love I’ve been privileged to feel.

Today, I had a pretty bad fall. As I sat on the ground crying, my sweet precious boy climbed into my lap and told me, “it’s ok Mommy, we still love you even though you’re sad.” I squeezed him so tight. He was just what I needed in that moment. As I was hugging him, I could feel his heart beating on my tattoo. I could feel his love for me, down in my very soul.

“Come on home and let yourself heal You could sleep for a thousand years I won't let you disappear Let your heart beat here

I feel it in my ribs Feel it in my soul The pulse just grows So loud and so clear Let your heart beat here”

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