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2018 rideATAXIA Write Up

We had our 5th rideATAXIA this year and it was probably the most memorable ride so far! We had a wonderful show of support from family and a pack of friends from Austin that are so close, they're basically family, too!

The ride had a bit of a shake-up this year, as we weren't in our usual spot at the UNT stadium. But, the always fantastic folks pulled it off flawlessly.

At the 2017 ride, I was massively pregnant with my second baby (my beautiful daughter, Collins.) She arrived just a few short weeks after the ride. It was so fun to let her experience rideATAXIA, as it is always such a huge part of my year.

My nearly 4-year-old son, Brooks, loved the ride this year because we had so many kid-friends on Team Kendall this year! It sure made for an entertaining 6-mile ride!

Team Kendall ended up raising $17,730, bringing our 5-year grand total to $152,398!! WOW!

I am once again humbled by the support shown to Team Kendall. Whether you rode, donated, shared a post on social media, sent me a sweet message, or said a prayer for FA - THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for supporting my friends fighting FA with me. I wish I could repay your kindness in a way that truly relayed my gratitude. We wouldn't be standing without you.

As always, our sponsors were wonderful. We had delicious Outback Steakhouse, milkshakes, and snacks galore. I am looking forward to seeing all of my FA friends again in 2019 - be it to celebrate a cure or to rally for another rideATAXIA.

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