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FARA Ambassador

I am officially an Ambassador for the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA)!

Members of The FARA Ambassador Program are FA patient volunteers who bridge the gap between research, patient care and awareness of Friedreich’s Ataxia. FARA Ambassadors are positive and supportive, peer representatives for the FA community doing the hard work of raising awareness and funds for FARA.

Our Core Values:

Wisdom – Being inquisitive, innovative, thorough and collaborative; mining knowledge and experience for living with FA; and sharing information and other resources in a timely manner.

Caring – Behaving with concern for the dignity, comfort, and well-being of people; respecting their individuality and perspective; and giving them our undivided attention.

Active – Being engaged in the FA community and moving quickly on opportunities to be a positive influence.

Quality – Setting extraordinarily high standards for the fight against FA, constantly improving, and attending to the details of excellence.

Spirit – Lifting the mood of others, and being a source of hope and confidence and the kind of organization of which people are proud to be part.

Integrity – Being honest, transparent, forthright and ethical – challenging anything that might compromise FARA’s mission and goal.

These six principles guide the thoughts and actions of the members of our team as we work with one another to uplift the FA community and advance FARA’s mission.

I am honored to be a part of this group and I look forward to working together with my fellow FA community as we strive for a cure for FA! I have volunt

eered to be a part of the speaking team, social media team, and blog team. I can’t wait to see what this new chapter in my life brings!

To learn more about the program and my fellow ambassadors, check out the website:

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