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Wise Words from a Wise Friend

Beautiful words from a beautiful friend who is also navigating this whole “being a mom with Friedreichs Ataxia gig.” Love you big Emily Penn Baudin:

What’s it like being a disabled mom?

Being a mom is hard. Shoot, being a parent is hard. But being a disabled mom is a different kind of hard. It’s hard on the mama heart. The other day Tye was running in the yard with Logan. And I couldn’t help the icky feeling of jealousy creep in my mind. I thought, I’ll never be able to do that. I wish I could just stand up and run with Logan. I tried to push the thought away but the reality overwhelmed me. Then I was given a tender mercy that night. As I was putting L to bed the sweetest words came tumbling out of his mouth. “mommy is the best, I love you so much”. My heart melted and tears filled my eyes knowing he loves me. He doesn’t see my disability. He doesn’t even know I’m not like the other moms. And that is truly beautiful.
What’s it like being a disabled mom? It’s absolutely, truly, wonderfully beautiful. #curefa
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