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rideATAXIA 2020

Today was our 7th annual rideATAXIA fundraising bike ride.

We might not have been able to ride in Dallas today with the rest of the FA community, but that didn't stop us from celebrating a stellar 2020 on Team Kendall! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who donated and supported me this year. We raised a total of $20,353 for Friedreich's Ataxia research!

Team Kendall still rode today to honor all of the heartwarming support we've been shown as we raise awareness for this rare disease and money for LIFE-SAVING research to one day #CureFA. It might not look the way we planned, but that's nothing new! FA has taught me to always adapt and make it work. I hope we made our team proud! #rideATAXIAQuaranteams#rideATAXIA

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