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Precious Moments

This girl!

Every morning, Collins sees me take my clinical trial study drug. She sees my hope and frustration. She sees everything.

This morning, she said, “When I’m a grownup, I’ll take that medicine just like you!”

I told her “Mommy has to take this medicine because her legs don’t work very well, and this medicine is supposed to help with that. But you won’t need this medicine because your legs will always work well! You won’t need to use a walker or wheelchair. You will be active, strong, adventurous, brave, silly, and strong your whole long life!”

She said, “Well, I like the way God made me, and the way He made you, Mommy!”

Man, I love her. And I am SO THANKFUL that she will NOT battle Friedreichs Ataxia. I pray that she always loves and appreciates her beautiful, powerful, wonderfully made body.

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