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Playground Bully

I had my first encounter with a playground bully today. I took the kiddos to meet friends at a restaurant with a playground for lunch. When it was time to leave, I sat down on a chair around the play area to help Brooks put his shoes on.

A toddler walked up and started pulling my walker away from me. I said “Oh sweetie, please bring that back to me!” She stopped, looked at me and said, “no!” Then she pulled my walker further away. I replied, “I need that to walk, I can’t come get it from you. Please bring it back to me. It’s not a toy.” She kept just looking at me while slowly walking away, then said, “no.”

Luckily her mom walked up and intervened and said “give her back her cart please.”

I’m glad that her mom was aware. I’m glad that the girl listened to her mom.

I’m also glad that I didn’t respond with the panic that was rising in me. I’m thankful that I took a second to breathe and think rationally, instead of just shouting “Give that back now!” like I wanted to.

Mostly, I’m glad that my kids didn’t really realize what was happening. I am so crazy thankful for their kind and gentle hearts that (more often than I’d like to admit) help me by bringing my walker to me. Thank you, God, for self control and your abundant grace #CureFA #BabeWithAMobilityAid

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