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Keep Shining

Lately, I’ve been really struggling. I’m burnt out from fighting my body every second of every day. I’ve reached the end of myself.

I pour my all into overcoming life with FA. Motherhood with FA. Marriage with FA. Friendship with FA. And my all wasn’t enough. FA overwhelmed and consumed me. My grit wasn’t able to bring my ideas for my life to reality.

So once again, I surrendered to God. My plans. My hopes and dreams. My words. My actions. My body. My love. My everything.

Whenever I do that, when I stand in God’s power and not my own, I’ve noticed that people use the word “inspiring.” I am so humbled when that word is applied to my life and I finally understand why: they aren’t inspired by ME, they’re inspired by God who is shining through me.

THAT is the power of my God. He takes this broken shell, redeems it, and shines His love, grace, goodness, hope, strength, and humor.

To those who have reached the end of themselves… the end of your strength, ability, knowledge, power, resources, grit, and optimism… I say there is hope.

Keep shining, my friends. Keep loving. Keep smiling. Keep showing up. Keep fighting. God is GOOD. He is with us and He is for us.

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