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God Is Good!

I am so incredibly HAPPY right now.

My recently published article says, “Seeing my body fail bit by bit, day by day, is both devastatingly terrifying and urgently motivating. It causes me to seize opportunities with more passion, and prepare for obstacles more wisely.”

Life with Friedreich’s Ataxia is nothing like the life I had planned. Yes, life would be better if my body wasn’t fighting FA every second of the day, but I can honestly say that I LOVE my life!

This sweet girl and her dear family are such a blessing to us. (I am 100% supportive of their plans to get married “in a few years.”) The wonderful schools that our kids go to are just astoundingly perfect; pouring love, education, faith, and play into them. We have the best neighbors. We love our church. We are healthy, we are happy.


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