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Fractured Foot Update

I received good news at my orthopedic follow-up appointment yesterday! Doc is already seeing healing!

Keeping my FA in mind and the fact that my muscles atrophy faster than the average patient, she’s ordering a bone stimulator to speed my healing up. I can start putting weight on my foot with my boot on. She wants me to try to limit the weight impact by walking on my heel. I took a few steps in the office and it felt fine. She said to use the chair when I can, but I’m ok to walk in a limited capacity. I'm instructed to let pain and swelling be my guide.

I’ll get the bone stimulator soon. Follow up x-rays October 14th.

All in all, this is about the best report I could’ve hoped for. God is GOOD!!!

I told Collins about the appointment and she said: “I wish I could be a little baby in your belly so that I could go all the way down through your body into your leg to look at your broken foot bone and give it a kiss and a band-aid to make you alllllll better!"

Earlier that morning, she also said "Ugh, this smell just keeps coming into my nose!” after Hank stunk up the car. Man, she makes me laugh!

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