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December 2020 Cardiac Update

Today, I am doing a nuclear stress test + imaging to hopefully & officially rule out cardiomyopathy. My echocardiogram a few weeks ago showed that my heart is doing well, so this round of testing is to dig deeper and double check everything.

As I’m laying here, being a lab rat, the word that keeps running through my mind is “thankful.” I am thankful for the technology that allows doctors to help. I am thankful that my husband and children don’t have Friedreichs Ataxia (FA) and will therefore never have to experience this.

Mostly, I am thankful for Christmas. I am thankful for the gift of Jesus and what His life on earth means. I am thankful that He taught us how to love and live. And I am more thankful than my mind can begin to fathom that He loves me. I am thankful that His love will restore my broken body in Heaven one day.

Please join me in praying that the test reveals that my heart officially remains free of cardiomyopathy. And mostly, pray against FA. Pray that FA doesn’t have my heart.

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