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Celebrate Every Victory

Today marks two years since I fell and obliterated my ankle. Friedreichs Ataxia won that day. I honestly thought that life as I knew it was over that day. I didn’t think I would ever walk again.

My stubborn determination prevailed and I made a full recovery. I won.

9 months later, FA won again and I had to make the switch to using a mobility aid full time.

It’s been a give and take every day since I was diagnosed in 2013. I tend to count every day without a fall a “victory.” Making it through May 28 without falling carries more weight (because I’m superstitious.)

Some days, “not falling” isn’t enough. I get sick of conciliation victories. I desperately wish I was able to count the days I ran 5 miles or wowed my kids by doing a back flip on the trampoline as a victory! Sometimes, just counting the days I managed to stay on 2 feet doesn’t seem like enough to declare a victory.

FA is emotional. I feel hopeless, exhausted and terrified about my future. I feel like I’m carrying a weight that continues to get heavier no matter what I do. Those emotions claim a victory in the name of FA some days/weeks/months.

But I have a VICTORY in Jesus that no disease can take from me. I have the best husband ever, my kids are ridiculously crazy cute (and healthy), my parents are the most phenomenal people, and I have the kindest + funniest friends. Yes, FA has my body and, some days, my emotions, but I have so much more than that. So I will continue celebrating the little victories because the sweet things make life worth living. #CureFA #BabeWithAMobilityAid #GodIsGood

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