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Brooks' Mommy

My sweet boy. Last night, he was showing me how he can "dry his hair really fast" by swishing his towel from side to side really fast. He was demonstrating for me and said, "but you have to move your arms really really fast!"

I was telling him how smart he was to figure that out and marveling at his cRaZy fast speed, and he was just cracking up.

Then he got quiet and said, "I'm sorry that you can't move your arms fast... or your legs..."

We talked about how "that's ok, that's just the way God made me." We talked about how even though I can't move fast or talk fast, there are lots of things I CAN do. We talked about how I love watching him and Collins do things, even if I can't do them, too.

He told me, "Mommy, I wish that you could go fast, but I love that God made you my Mommy."

I don't think I can love him any more than I already do. My heart would explode.

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