• Kendall

Another Broken Bone

Hi! Well, I have some bummer news that I would really appreciate some prayers for.

Last night, I fell getting up out of my chair after dinner and banged my foot really hard. I couldn’t put any weight on it this morning, so we went to the doctor.

It’s fractured (my 5th metatarsal)

I have to wear my air cast boot again and am under orders to be non weight bearing for at least 3 weeks, possibly 8. That means a wheelchair for me since I am not coordinated enough for crutches.

Follow up on the 15th to see if any healing is occurring yet. If not, we will discuss bone stimulation and/or surgery.

Doc said the ankle hardware from my 2018 break & reconstruction probably kept my ankle from getting a stress fracture during this fall

Part of me is so sad and overwhelmed to be back in this situation, but the other part of me is thankful that I have seen God get me through much worse. I healed quickly when I broke my ankle in 2018, so I’m praying for a repeat performance being in a wheelchair will be massively inconvenient. But I am praying that it will re-motivate me to keep working hard to stay walking just gotta get through this little bump.

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