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Kendall the Conqueror

Doing a HaPpY DaNcE! I conquered one of my biggest fears today. I took the kids to a “Parent-Tot” open gym WITHOUT KYLE (my husband)!

My fear is not being able to keep up with my monkeys and them getting hurt because I can’t do things like a “normal” mom. My other fear is falling and getting hurt trying to get around to help them. Another fear is rooted in vain insecurity. I worry that other moms will see me and my walker and wonder what’s wrong with me, judge me, take pity on me, keep their kids away from me or my kids and make it awkward. The list is endless.

But my God is bigger than my fears. I had a wonderful friend by my side and the kids had a BLAST! No one got hurt! So thankful for today! I feel invincible! And now Momma needs a nap...

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