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Rollz (Update!)

Yay! She’s here! Now, here’s the thing I need to explain about walkers: Walking is hard with or without a walker (thanks to FA.) Always. Using a walker adds stability and some control, which helps prevent falls when I walk.

What makes me excited about this device is the possibilities. For now, I will primarily use it as a walker. When I’m tired or my kiddos want to be held by mommy, I can use it as a wheelchair. This option frees me of a lot of the anxiety that being in public often brings.

I will still use my 3 wheeler, “Snack Wagon,” around the house as it has a more narrow footprint to fit everywhere right now, and is still sufficient to get me from A to B. I am still very capable of walking. It just looks a little funny and takes a lot out of me. So I use assistance to stay safe.

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