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Rollz - My New Ride

Today was a big day. I ordered a new assistive device. It’s called a Rollz Motion (Rollz International ) ♿️

It’s a rollator (walker) & wheelchair in ONE! I can use it as a walker and then when my fatigue gets the better of me or I’m just having a bad FA day, I can use it as a wheelchair.

My FA is progressing and walking is getting harder and more exhausting (mentally and physically.) I’m hoping this device will provide me the freedom to keep going ⭐️💪🏻

My biggest fear since being diagnosed in 2013 was my time in a wheelchair. I’m no longer letting fear hold me back. This device makes me hopeful and I look forward to the adventures it will allow me to be a part of 💗 plus, I think the kiddos will love hitching a ride with Mommy now 👩‍👧‍👦🥰🙌🏻

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