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2010 to 2020

Sometimes I wish I still lived in my 22 year old world where I’d never heard of Friedreichs Ataxia in 2010. I despise what FA has done to my body. But I am so proud of the way FA has mentally and spiritually shaped me.

In the wise words of my friend @thewheelsammyrose , “One thing I’ve held onto is to let life change you. Even if it’s hard and not what you would choose for yourself. Resisting change is a battle no one wins.”

My life is completely different from what I pictured when we rang in 2010 just two months after getting married. But I can honestly say that I love my life. I love being a mom, wife, friend, daughter and sister.

None of it went the way I had planned but you know what they say... “you make plans and God laughs.” I have definitely laughed more than I’ve cried in the last decade so I consider that a WIN (plus, I managed to make two pretty adorable tiny humans who make my world go ‘round)

Cheers to the next decade! Who knows what it will bring

#CureFA #BabeWithAMobilityAid #HappyNewYear

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